Instructions Manual for Attendees

We are excited to have you join us on 14th, 15th and 16th of April!
For the Online Summit, we will be using the virtual platform Whova, which can be accessed through the web from your desktop/laptop and through your mobile device by downloading the Whova app.
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Step by Step Instruction for Attendees

If you are a new Whova user, follow the steps below to get set up. If you are an existing Whova user, sign into your account and start networking under the "Real Estate Rich Summit" channel on Whova.

Step 1: Download the Whova mobile app or access the platform via the web.

Step 2: Enter {email_address} to sign up on Whova.

(Click here to go to the Sign Up Page)

Step 3: After entering the email address, set your password and fill in your information.

Step 4: Upload your profile photo to help others recognize you.

Step 5: To beef up your profile, update the additional information about yourself.

Step 6: To receive bi-weekly emails or stay up to date on Whova features, you may check the boxes.

Step 7: Your profile is all set!

Step 8: You can edit your profile anytime from the side menu.

Step 9: Take control of your Real Estate Rich Summit journey and start networking!

Still having issues?

Watch the Whova set-up tutorial!

Real Estate Rich Summit Instructions Manual for Speakers

Presenting in a Session

Although Whova works with many live stream providers, we will use Zoom as the example in this guide.

1. Make sure your camera, network, and microphone work.
2. The organizers have sent you the Zoom link for your speaker session.

         You got the Zoom link (like “https://…….”), click it to open the Zoom app. If you’ve already                       installed the Zoom app, it starts automatically. Otherwise, follow the instructions to download the Zoom                 app and enter the Zoom meeting/webinar.

3. If you need to use slides or a pre-recorded video, open the slides/video, click “Share Screen”, and select      the slides/video you want to share. If you are sharing a video, please remember to check the 2                      optimization options on the bottom-left of the popup.

Answering Q&A

Prerequisites: Follow the previous steps to log in to the Zoom app.

 Please reserve the last 5-10 minutes of your Speaker Session for Q&A.

 Attendees will ask questions in the Q&A box. Our team will monitor the Q&A box and will read the questions aloud to you.

In Case of Emergency

If something unexpected happens during the event or session, please follow this guide to solve them.

 Cannot join the session as speaker or panelist:

        Make sure your are joining for your speaker session from Zoom only.

        Please make sure the link you are using is the Zoom link.

        If it requires a password, please contact the session host to resend you the link or remove the password.

 Your Internet connection has problems (unable to reconnect, or has unbearable delay):

        Please contact the session host to use your pre-recorded video.

 Cannot share screen or share video:

        Please contact the session host to make sure they set the permission correctly or enable them on the                    Zoom client.

 The camera does not work properly:

        Please check with the session host if it’s OK that you present without a camera. If it is fine, you may still                present with audio and slides. Otherwise, please ask the host to start the pre-recorded video.

 The audio device does not work properly:

        Please contact the session host to use your pre-recorded video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I (Attendee) Download the Whova App?

The Whova app supercharges your networking experience and expands your connections effortlessly. Downloading the Whova app before your next event will enhance your event experience exponentially and amplify your success in reaching your goals.

What benefits does Whova provide for me(Attendee)?

Whova provides many benefits for you. Attendees get all the information for the event in one convenient location including, the agenda for the event, and a list of all the attendees at the event, Now attendees are able to network like never before by being able to do such things as, sending messages to other attendees through the app, exchanging contact information digitally through the app and they can also share their experience by uploading pictures they have taken at the event to the app or tweeting directly from the app, even if they don’t have their own Twitter account.

Can I (attendee) edit my profiles or opt myself out of the list?

Yes, Attendees have the ability to completely change every aspect of their profile if they so choose. Whova's smart profile technology is extremely accurate and does a great job of creating peoples profiles for them; however if there is something that the attendee would like to add or take off, they can do so by clicking the profile icon and clicking “My Profile” on the web portal or “Edit My Profile” on mobile.
They can also opt themselves out of the attendee list on the mobile app. Click the profile icon on the top left -> “Settings” -> “Profile Visibility” and turn it off. Note: once they go invisible, they can’t use some of the networking features anymore, such as browsing other attendees’ profiles or using the Exchange Contacts features etc.

Can I (attendee) use the app if there is no Internet connection?

Yes. Attendees will still be able to view everything on the app; as far as the agenda, attendees profiles, sponsor banners, etc. However, the app does require internet connection in order to use the networking features like sending in-app messages and interacting via Twitter, as well as taking the surveys and receiving push notifications.

Some don't have iPhones/Android. Is there any way to use the Whova services?

Absolutely. Users who do not have an iPhone or an Android can use a Web Portal on their tablet, laptop, or desktop. The Web Portal has almost the same comprehensive features as the Mobile App. You can find the URL for our event in the mail you have received after registering on

What if I(attendee) do not download the app? Will announcements and in-app messages be lost?

When there are messages sent or announcements sent through the Whova app, it will connect to the attendees’ email so that even if they don’t download the app or are not connected afterward, they will still get notified.

What’s the difference between the mobile app and desktop app?

On the mobile app it is easier to find talks, add items to your agenda, networking via the community boards, watch videos or webinars, and receive communication from organizers and attendees. Your phone camera and microphone will work via the mobile app for zoom communication. The desktop app is better for zoom communication when you need/want to use a desktop or laptop webcam and videos will be larger on the desktop app.

How can I ask questions to presenters?

For live presentations, you can use the Zoom Q&A feature to ask questions. Feel free to post questions anytime during the presentation. A facilitator will manage the questions and read them to the speaker.

Can I arrange a virtual meet-up with colleagues?

Yes! Use the community board to schedule a virtual meet-up. You can make it closed (i.e., for a small group of people) or open to any attendees wishing to join.

How can I export contacts to my phone address book?

Click on the Profile Icon in the top left, then select the “My Contacts”. There you will see a button called “Save to Phone Address Book” under the “Contact Information” section. Click it to save current contact to your phone address book. You will also have the option in the top right to export your contacts to your email.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the
Real Estate Rich Summit!

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